Boogie Fitness Gym Project

We redesigned their website and executed a marketing campaign that increased their membership by 60% in 70 days.

The management required a website redesign for the gym, amd they also wanted to improve their online presence thereby increasing the gym membership. after reviewing the project and their expectations we assembled a team with the goal to complete the project within 70 days, which meant redesigning a more efficient and professional website that generated more members for the gym. The website redesign and search engine optimization was executed within 22 days.

After this phase, we had to create a marketing strategy that would convert their target audience online to customers. we employed an inbound content strategy and a pay per click advertising campaign which increased the gym membership by 60% within 40 days after ads campaign was launched; although we had to execute  a series of AB Testing and conversion rate optimization to generate this level of results for the gym.

What we did?

Website Development

The website redesign required us completely restructuring the website’s architectural layout and web content.

Onpage SEO Optimization

The search engine optimization executed improved websited rankings and performance within 40 days.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Through the Conversion Rate Optimization process we made discoveries that informed our decision in improving the websites performance


Sessions: 11,514

Page views: 39,479

Users: 7,496

Bounce Rate: 39.34%

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